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Friday, June 28, 2013

Problem Property

I stopped by a police call just east of Lake Ave on 5th Street this morning around 740. It was the second or third fight/disturbance call at that address in the last 12 hours. We've been to the building several times in June- prior to these latest events. I wanted to call the landlord and let them know about the events in the last 12 hours and ask what help they may need, however I did not see... a contact name and number posted near the entrance as required by ordinance. I looked around the exterior of the property and noticed junk and garbage strewn about. Since this building is blighted and an obvious problem, the landlord will be receiving a citation for not posting landlord contact info as required by City ordinance. Additionally, they will receive another visit from the Building Safety, receive notification they will be charged police costs for certain future police calls and will lose their rental license if things continue. The cops did a great job and brought one person to jail and took other action to help the landlord if he wants to do something.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Half time results

Summer has gotten off to a quick start and it has been too long since I have written and provided an update.  I receive daily reports on crime trends and activity.  Here are some numbers for you that are to date for each year...."Mixed bag" is how I would describe things half way through the year. 

                              2011          2012          2013
Assaults                   251           243             200

Burglary                   278            309             195

Person w/weapon      17               24               29

Robbery                     32               33               22

Shooting                       1                 4                5

Stabbing                        8                12               7

Vehicle Prowl               432             362            426

Vehicle Theft                 82                72              66