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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Repeat Calls

Every Monday morning command staff at the police department receive addresses of those who had three or more police calls during the previous week.  Listed along with the address is the call type, such as disturbance, theft, loud party, etc.  The expectation is that the following week the addresses generating the police calls will not be on the list - or someone has some explaining to do.  The majority of the time property managers want to improve their property and work with us to reduce the need for police response (also know as crime prevention).  There are a few property owners though who just don't get it.  Thus the need for ordinances that allow the police to bill a property owner for officer time or the option of revoking a rental license of a problem property. 

If you are having problems in your neighborhood and would like to some help dealing with disturbances, junk on the property etc. contact your community officer and work with them toward a solution.  Click here to see contact information for officers who can work with you.

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