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Saturday, August 18, 2012

College Neighborhoods

With the increase in growth of our local colleges and university we saw major demographic changes in many of our neighborhoods begining in the 1990s. We also saw an increase in our calls for service related to parties and property blight.  About five years ago Patrol Deputy Chief Tusken and East Area Commander Eric Rish and other staff began working closely with UMD and neighborhood groups in an effort to reduce the calls and improve the quality of life for all. 

We began providing names of UMD students to UMD who were cited for underage drinking and partying.  With City Council leadership we created a very stringent social host ordinance that has a very expensive fine.  We built new technology to allow landlords to receive quick email notification when we police responded to their properties.  We changed our enforcement tactics and ensure tickets are issued when we receive party complaints.  We track problem addresses and assign officers to ensure call reduction.  We work closely with our neighborhood groups to ensure we sustain efforts, communicate effectively and strengthen our relationships.   Due to these efforts our party calls in the university neighborhoods are less than half of what they were just five years ago.  That is success we are proud of!

Join us as Campus Neighbors hosts a neighborhood meeting with police staff.

Where: Grant Rec Community Center - 901 E. 11th St. (parking may be
distant due to field use)
When: Tuesday, August 21, 7pm
Who: East Hillside Community Officer Matt Nevanen DPD (area to 21st Ave E)
Community Officer Russ Bradley (east of 21st)
UMD Police Captain Scott Drewlo
Topic: When do I call 911?
Move in weekend - what can I expect?
And more.......


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  2. You don't need to be worried with the great men and women the department employs. The people involved in the mix to help reduce party problems as do calls to 911 but sometimes the 911 operators take things wrong. am I calling officer hurst a liar was what 911 said to me, when he didn't respond to my door so that I could previously meet him. I know it should go to a supervisor first, not you, but it's a problem. 911 operator not acting quickly enough to get the car info out for a squad to act on, instead asking me details about the scanner or if it was in the car..I know that would be prob cause 4 a traffic stop but I can only say what I know factually, not guess. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you.