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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When Systems Fail-Good People Lose

The Duluth Police Department has made it clear that preventing and solving property crimes is a priority.  Currently, many of our property crimes are committed by heroin and prescription drug users.  The abusers are desperate to find something of value to help them pay for their next "fix."  Many are desperate and always on the lookout for an opportunity to steal something of value. We have been working to increase public awareness and educate people on how not to become a victim.

It was extremely frustrating for us when we discovered last week's "Property Crimes Person of the Week" - that had been arrested and lodged at the County Jail Friday was released on minimal bail a day later.  This was a person our officers felt was very important to get off the street as she is single handily raising our crime rate.  To make matters worse, this chronic cell phone thief was back  stealing peoples phones shortly after bailing out of jail. 

Here is a blog on the increasing rise in cell phone thefts

Here's our press release


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