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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since the Sandy Hook murders, a lot of attention has been focused on gun violence.   On Friday, I was asked to go on Almanac North to talk about gun control.  To prepare I checked recent calls in Duluth involving guns.  One that jumped out at me was a incident that actually happened Friday.  An individual intentionally left his handgun in his car while he was at work and someone broke into his car and stole the gun.  A criminal is now likely in possession of that gun. The majority of Duluth's gun incident involve stolen guns and habitual offenders (many of whom cannot legally posses guns in the first place). While the ideas and discussions are great on how to stop gun violence,  recognize we need to have serious sentences for the habitual offenders who continuously victimize our citizens and use or possess guns.  We need to start throwing the book at these folks now!  

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  1. So much senseless violence involves weapons. I'd write to congressman Nolan about banning assault style weapons for the common citizen and I think that courts are too lenient on criminals generally can have a habitual offender and throw the book at him and he gets off with probation! This happens too often, even in the case of grievous injury.