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Monday, July 7, 2014

No Soup, I Mean Desk Duty for You!

I was tired of pushing papers today, so I went out and poked around the streets for a bit. I saw a guy walking around some parked cars in the Steam Plant lot in Canal Park and he gave me the vibe that he was up to something. I hid across ...the street and watched him saunter between about six cars and he seemed to be looking closely, but nonchalantly in each one; as if they were his cars parked on his property. After casing a couple of cars he would stop by a line of pine trees and look around, as if to see who was watching him and then return to looking in more cars.
        I was concerned he was going to see me watching him, so I asked our friends at KBJR if I could watch him out their third floor windows. They obliged and were very helpful, but unfortunately by the time I made it up to the third floor the guy had moved out of sight and was under the Lake Avenue viaduct. A bike officer drove by and spooked him, so we approached and identified him. Turns out this Superior resident is no stranger to illegal activity and has auto theft and burglary convictions. While he had nothing on him indicating he had yet committed any crime today, I believe he was either going to steal a car; or steal from a car based on his behavior.

Keep in mind that prevention is the best medicine. Don't leave valuables or your keys in your car. Watch for suspicious behavior and report it to 911.

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  1. Dear Gordon Ramsay, Duluth Police Chief, I think you are very brave and dedicated to patrol the way you do, especially love that you are in my neighborhood weekdays as I feel safer with you out there! Lt. Kazel too is proactive like you are and a smart and gentle man as a human being, an example as an officer! I too am proud of his handling my issues as I felt listened to and served! His continued aid is too shelf and not the screaming response I would get from DC Tusken... Within hearing of my seventy- seven year old mother even... I hope you protect me always, sir and will be there at some point to resolve your problem with me ( instead of sending officers to threaten to cite me as happened) and that we can meet sometime in the future as I still love and respect you and feel your fear or annoyance was because you are too busy a person, as the Lt. Would detail to me...anyway, you are welcome with me anytime and I wish you would stop by when patrolling and be the fine human being I know you are! Best of luck on the job and stay safe!