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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DPD Compliment of the week

What you won't hear about on the news....DPD compliment of the week.

 To: Gordon Ramsay
Subject: Great Officers!

Hello Chief Ramsey,

On Sunday, September 14th, I had to call for police assistance in getting my brother in law to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. First and foremost, the officer (Female) demonstrated complete professionalism right from the first phone call from her cell,... ensuring their safety was secured so they could enter in to the situation with every bit of knowledge possible.

This was an extremely
difficult phone call for me to make as never in my life would I have ever thought I would have had to do such a thing. My brother in law is a wonderful human being who has suddenly developed some behavioral disturbances following three strokes that he has had and unfortunately, one of the strokes has affected his frontal lobe in which memory, impulse control and emotion is impacted.

All of your officers WERE FANTASTIC!

I would really like to take a moment to give special attention to your female officer. Forgive me… I can’t exactly recall her name but it was similar to Shelly or Shari …. (Working out in West Duluth that day) When I explained the situation to her, I will NEVER forget her empathetic, attentive and caring eyes. Something so little was so significant to me during this time of intense stress. Just knowing that judgment wasn’t being passed as it usually is due to the typical stigma of mental illness was beyond comforting. The person centered way all of your officers handled my family member was nothing short of completely dignified, empathetic and they all demonstrated unconditional, positive regard.

I am very proud to read about these wonderful officers who make a difference each and every day and I certainly didn’t want to miss an opportunity to give them all a high five from me as well!

A huge thanks to the department for the clear commitment you all have and the “soft skills” demonstrated by this female officer! I’m beyond impressed!



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