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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Social Workers and Police

We have been working with St. Louis County Social Services over the last year to improve our response to those in mental crisis.  Since 2007 our mental illness related calls have risen by more that 35%.  Two of our three homicides last year involved those with serious mental illness and an officer involved shooting involved a subject in crisis threatening with a knife.  Too often we are seeing individuals in suddenly acute mental crisis slip through the cracks and police are left dealing with them as the after hours social workers.  Unfortunately, a result of the lack of resources in this area, mentally ill are often cited or arrested and are brought to the county jail.  With proper treatment and care, these individuals would not be spending time in jail.  As I've said before, our jails are our mental hospitals of the past.       

St. Louis County board members will be considering a proposal next week to fund an embedded social worker to operate in the Duluth police department.  This position will review mental illness related police calls and ensure everything is being done quickly and efficiently to help those in crisis.  They will work hand in hand with our staff to swiftly address those in need of care for their illness. 

I believe this effort will help us reduce incarceration rates of those suffering from mental illness, reduce the amount of court resources involved in mental illness, reduce police time spent on mental illness related calls and help those who are in crisis.

We will continue our efforts related to mental health court, outreach and community intervention group and are excited about the prospects of having an embedded social worker.

Here is story on this effort by channel 21.


  1. Chief I'd urge caution- crisis worker Kim Grandmoe falsified info about me personally after id complain about her co-worker- be sure u get someone ethical and dedicated too- loving police would be a plus:-) but surely my misdemeanor claim of unjust treatment by a social worker will be looked into- Robertson would kindly say shed talk to the social worker in question; I and society needs more action chief; because when they are bad they are awful liars! Take care and hope it works well for you and yours!

  2. I have a gift id like to share- I have a friend who's life id complicate; because I write too much when I'm able to write well. I thought after months and months when he'd not talk to me very alone and I missed him! I used to meet people at school and we'd talk for hours too; it was a simple thing a couple of important guys who'd be Chiefs now; but one I hold dear in my heart because like me he'd stand up for those effected by racism in the city and work often with homeless and downtrodden as a young officer; the greatest social worker and my gift today is my friend G; Gordon Ramsay- I thought I'd lost you man; honest and I'd be afraid to say a word and what id most value is not a chief but a guy from my high school- someone who I, a senior would sit with as my senior section taunted the youngest in the room; it was his music and his exploits but mostly a young man my age- G you are handsome but it is your kindness that I value most as an old lady; several years and one hundred pounds larger than you, " little Chiefs with big hearts" - I lost someone G but my heavy heart is healed by you being there for you'd give me something you have little of; personal time, thanks love and goodnight- if all mentally ill people could have so great a friend maybe fear would disappear from the earth! Love Always! L

  3. Ok TEAM; I have a crisis plan in place because I have a mental illness- you are to contact my case manager directly( like a social worker) . First this was not done at all by police second I was handcuffed and not allowed to contact a lawyer as I was taken to the hospital pych ward against my wishes- thirdly I've been experiencing computer crime and not only were there falsified 911 calls from my number24 of them but a falsified email from my case manager was delivered to officers to have them think I was delusional when I had real thefts and police issues not investigated- I complained about a federal officer with Lt. RISH and he has even told the DEA that I have" nothing important to say" !WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP , G! How can u say you care and deny federal civil rights because of mental illness- my meds are the same; I'd be threatened by an officer's family member and receive no pych services for six days! Tell me what great things you plan to do for the mentally ill because for me sir, members of your team would only get me out of the way at my apartment when it experienced drug issues your daytime team( I know less people on days..)weren't dealing with- I only know that late tonight as I have baked good officers cookies those I'd complain about as " not being able to adequately handle those who are mentally ill" would act to cite me- I've filed my ic3 its federal but when I first ask training and development to deal with these officers they are INSTEAD SENT TO HOSPITALIZE ME!!!!WHERE DO YOU STAND ON HUMAN RIGHTS? I couldn't access the advocate alone even as privacy rights allow for and Lisa the St. Luke's charge nurse from3 west provided falsified info saying charted material she couldn't release by law; falsified info that I called 911 from the hospital- to say I'd not be credible- to put me down and actions were to deny me phone communication and to demand ( again illegal) numbers I was calling- then my mail id have in my bag that was sealed was opened too! Dare I report that to communication and the hospital too! I'm telling you GORDON RAMSAY; any civil rights and property rights went out the window! My only regret is I didn't get to try the hospital's bison burger:-) but mine are better anyway! Let me know when your officers plan to fight FOR my rights- as on 2/25 when they took me away nobody followed the rules in place they were just vengeful toward me and the falsified email was provided to a ER doctor too- I needed advocacy and had none except Michael Woods; Ombudsman for mental health in Duluth- I will let him know how the WHOLE
    SYSTEM FAILED ME TO THREATEN ME! L- and G I still helped ; I still baked you cookies and I still helped the suicidal too! Protecting your team as well!! Even though you didn't protect ME!!!!!!

  4. Blocked by the Duluth Police Chief on Facebook and from the Duluth Police Facebook page too; done so I won't be heard- reported to Facebook about the police cite and as denial of police services because I am mentally ill; how do you serve the mentally ill? GORDON Ramsay you don't serve them - you cite them you block them you incarcerate them; what you are doing is NOT LISTENING!

  5. Hi G, a social worker wouldn't have helped the situation- I currently have an officer lying to supervisors and saying to my landlord I swore at him; through them- no I didn't ask for the FBI and then say it " wasn't an emergency" and not let the officer in- he refused to take my FEDERAL information and said he would come in and cite me, so I simply would not let him in- nor did I call 911 back as I should have ( I figured no matter what officers would cite me and in the morning called training and development too to explain the situation- as my ic3s currently are " updated when I don't do so" and have things like"s-39" added to what I write my words are not my own by computer- yeah yeah, make me look nuts and know that I really am mentally ill- just don't ever think I'm homicidal toward officers because I not only wasn't - I was only angry officers wouldn't leave when I told them to after they'd cite me- ANGELA repeatedly stays when I say go- her means of being rudely controlling and shed interfere with my 911 call to say she wouldn't leave too! Nice to see Tusken. I sent the At and T lady from the office of the president to talk to you about the voicemails I didn't make the emails I didn't send and the 911 calls- she said they were 7278770 calls- fifteen illegitimate ones; fifteen legit to communications through non- emergency only- she said two were 911 and the rest 727-8770- she also asked why I made so many calls- at one point ANGELA would investigate NONE OF MY MATTERS- despite being assigned to her myself- including the misdemeanor against a social worker; guess I'm stuck as a bad guy image G; despite the cookies and you WONT TALK TO ME AT ALL- even Saturday's.... Guess I lose out! I liked and respected ANGELA and I never swore at her as she claimed falsely- bullshit is something I said but it was about nobody doing anything to help as officers should- simply do their jobs- I may come out as less crazy in court; I don't know- I only know that you'd protect me and I'd protect you... And honestly it is as it should be....Prayers for the lost rather than cookies G. Who you'd deal with every day and for those you'd lose as well- I gave Mrs A. My plant in memory of those WE'd lose, dear man- enjoying SADE- tried out DAUGHTRY- it's new stuff- a gritty voice much like my officer's I guess- enjoying the lights tonight; I'll miss the view, but I miss u more!

  6. G. Anna the social worker is really nice; but they can't do officers jobs either- scared the young lady today too-- what you deal with is seriously life threatening stuff-- look we had coffee and if you don't mind I'm gonna make our occasions relaxing ok-- nobody should have to deal w six suicides in a day-- not u not her-- the former police response to mental illness ; an officer who'd claim he was Lt. Rish but wasn't and was rude too wasn't right conduct G., denying me access to the chief too -- unethical all around; Anna can't be you or be everywhere but she is very good! Thanks for her!