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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Random Thoughts

Policing matters have historically been of significant public interest.  If you look at many of the top television shows over the last several decades shows involving police are often at the top of the charts.  Often times these TV shows influence public opinion.  I vividly recall a police call I was on in 1996 where a mother of a troubled boy yelled at officer Jim Hansen and I that she knew “how you cops are; I watch  TV.”  I often think of that comment and how far from reality it was.   
Strengthening public trust with police is an important element of my job, so I frequently promote the good work our officers do.  Reading about serious and dangerous calls from this weekend make me grateful for the high caliber of officers and supervisors we have at the Duluth PD.  If the anti-police crowd knew the good work done by Duluth officers every minute of every day their paradigm would shift…..


  1. G.I tweeted and I emailed but I want to say it here, the three of you, Superior Chief , Cloquet Chief and you have made it important to your departments to keep me safe! I am grateful ( even if I don't always favor all of your methods:-)) and I wanted to say in the public forum that I love and respect you guys! I know I go overboard saying I love you and criticizing you too! I always am seen by young chief Alexander and hugged! I would like to hug as many of you as I can ( I asked a supervisor too if the team would mind-- I'm not a cop fanatic or currently insane to motivate me, officers have simply done a great job for me the majority of the time ( and even misguidedly protected me when I have been critical of officers in response!) and I want your departments to know that even lately in response to my question about giving hugs I was gently called an endearment by a decorated officer and it made me very proud to know him and be able to come to officers in times of need ( he didn't have to be so kind but I will never forget Officer Erickson taking the time to make my day!
    Don't be the TV cops! Often on TV and in the media and movies cops and the FBI work against each other, competing for busts! I'm glad the reality is a unified federal and state and local police TEAM! Don't ever change G, keep being awesome human beings! Officer Dardis was one before! He's not the TV cop the mother spoke of; he'd see a woman paralyzed in front of her nine year old daughter by a man huffing and driving and at first call it a homicide!( but previously he'd joke to mentally ill me that he'd "have to shoot himself in the foot" to get out of my tight apartment door( that nobody but me could work on the deadbolt!) I'm sorry for the pain real officers face from what they see everyday and chiefs I hope you and yours stay safe out there( TV is overrated and you aren't the bad guys it often shows you as!)

  2. "Chips" are Pringles and Lays... Be the awesome human beings you are! Loved seeing you all and when I'm not all sweaty I'll start hugging-- I'll ask first... No G. wasnt not being brave-- and your grin made my day ( now if these leg cramps would just go away!!!) ha, I'm old, you're just a youngster!

  3. I'm very proud of Marc and Nick and Nick and Ethan and John and Gayle and Ron and Rob and Matt and all the female officers who'd help ( that I don't know the names of) some real heroes helping out- shout out to Horse Rocky and the other horses and k-9 Oakley and all the dogs! Protecting me is really awesome when you do it so well! Thanks team!

  4. I'd fistbump the funny guy- thanks Nick! All six other officers would not be tv cut outs-- special thanks to Ethan for acting without making me go through communications- Angela for ( finally) taking me seriously- Thames for always being a good listener and Ticerney for calling me back-- I didn't ask to spell your name sir-- just know between you all and young Mr. Officer Bauers you all were supportive and good-- cops are often depicted as crooks; few are-- you are some of the best human beings- G the support is awesome!