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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Vandal Case Solved

Last week my daughter and I spent a lot of time carving pumpkins.  When we were done we placed them on our front porch.  The next morning when I went to grab the newspaper I noticed a couple of them had been removed from the porch and broken in pieces in the front yard.  As I forensically examined them for evidence, I observed teeth marks all over the remnants of my masterpiece.   The vandal(s) was a white tail deer!  Probably the one I almost hit and honked at earlier in the day. Those scoundrels came right up on my porch, removed the pumpkins and proceeded to break it up and eat part of them.  I guess things are a little different now from when I was a kid.....Maybe I shouldn't complain and look at this as a good problem to have as a police chief.

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