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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I spent some time at Neighborhood Youth Services located in Washington Center today.  Over 16 years ago, when I was a community officer the police department had an office in Washington Center and it was a hub of activity.  I got to know many of the kids who hung out there and built positive relationships with them.  Today, I heard several of the kids ask why there was a police officer there.  It made me realize we need to get our officers back in there building relationships with the kids.  One little six year old hid under a table when I arrived and told me he was scared of cops.  After a game of air hockey, laughing, joking and eating lunch together I asked him if he was still scared of cops and he shouted a resounding "no!"    That is a rewarding part of police work I really miss.

WDIO did a short story on NYS today.  Here is the link.   I could not direct link the story so look for "NYS block party" and click on that.

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