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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winter Weather

The weather lately has been anything but winter.  We've only had a three small snow events so far this season yet we saw a lot of car crashes.  As a matter of fact, each snow fall this year produced between 50 and 100 accidents in the City in less than a three hour period.  Most Duluthians take pride in our ability to navigate our steep streets covered in ice and snow with out smashing into cars or buildings, however this season I can't say we are doing very good.  Earlier this week a 19 year old died tragically in a crash on I-35 just south of the City limits.  Icy roads played a role.

Now that we are expecting more snow and ice tonight, take your time and slow down.  We've put extra staff on tonight to help with the call load and we don't want to see them tied up on unnecessary traffic crashes because people are driving too fast for conditions.  

Have a safe and happy New Year's eve.

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