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Monday, July 30, 2012

Synthetic Drug Bill

The problems with synthetic drugs (and the associated laws) continue to evolve right before us.  We are grateful for the DEA's work in last week's search warrants at the Last Place.  We will continue to address the nuisances and crime in the area of Last Place as it has had a terribly detrimental impact on the economic vitality of an area that was really doing well-prior to synthetic drug sales. 

Governor Dayton signed a law into effect last week that tightens up the State law and will give us more leverage in addressing this horrible drug.

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  1. Synthetic drugs are the worst thing to hit the streets since cocaine was in coca-cola. Thanks for making an effort to address the problem. I know drug use hits home with you and I'm so sorry it would be impacting your family as well. It impacts me every day, not only do I sometimes see too much but I am constantly reminded of how much drug abuse hurts individuals, both those that use and others. An Arms worker would say to me that someone using in the privacy of their own home was not dangerous. That depends upon the individual, we would agree, but drug use changes brains and can make people violent. When people you'd love are dangerous to you it is the worst thing in the world. And sir, you and the good people on this site should know that to report drug use, it isn't always a 911 call, but a slow, long, investigative process. I had one death threat once, Andrew Staunton wanted to pay someone to kill me, individuals with the fire department said. I refuse to live my life in fear or terrorized by users. I will know my neighbors and care about them but not socialize in anyone's drug circles.