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Monday, July 2, 2012

Time Shortage

Whao, I discovered that trying to update this in the summer time is a little more difficult than in the winter and spring.  Throw in a natural disater like we had and it is impossible.  Now that the police department has returned to "normal operations" a few of us are catching our breath.  I will remember the last few weeks the rest of my life. 

Having grown up and worked here most of my life, I cannot believe all of what I witnessed.  Many streets looked like a bomb was dropped on them.  I am amazed and grateful we had no loss of life. While life has returned to normal for most of us, I heard in our morning briefing today we still have some houses with raw sewage in the basement.  You can imagine what two weeks of sewage in your basement will do in this heat?  Plans are being made to help those folks out and our hearts go out to them. 

In non-related flood news I want to congratualte Lieutenant Scott Drewlo for his recent appointment as police chief at UMD.  There is no doubt our already good relatinship with UMD will only strengthen. Way to go Scott!

I also want to congratulate West Area Commander Leigh Wright for making it to the top of St. Cloud's search for police chief.  While she was not chosen, it shows the caliber of person she is.

Both of these individuals are tremendous members of this department and no doubt will continue to be great leaders in policing and our organizations.  I value their ambition and admire them for their efforts.

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