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Monday, September 10, 2012


Once or twice a month I sign off on commendations for staff.  These are often cases no one ever hears about.  After watching the video of this one, I was pretty impressed by the Clean and Safe Team member and our officers.  Because you could potentially identify the person who was trying to jump, we are prohibited from releasing it.  This is an example of the work our folks do everyday.....

Here is the shift commander's write up of the incident:

Squads responded to the Fon-du-Duluth Casino parking ramp on the report of a female attempting to jump off the top floor of the structure. Comments of the call stated a Clean and Safe Team member was currently holding on to the suicidal female to prevent her from jumping. Officers Neitzel and Hopps arrived quickly on the scene and assisted Pfuhl. The officers and Pfuhl grabbed the distressed female by the arms and legs and pulled her back over the ledge of the building to safety of the parking ramp.  The quick thinking and cooperation of these three individuals most certainly prevented a tragedy and saved the ladies’ life. The dramatic rescue was caught on videotape by a nearby witness.

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  1. Every day you serve hurting people and see death and pain, seeking to help others, sometimes at great risk to yourselves. Thank you so much for your gifts to humanity ,Duluth Police Department!