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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elementary Thought

I attended a mandatory parent meeting for my daughter's new kindergarten class last night.  After covering all of the basics they talked about a major character building focus for the year; being kind.  This seems to be a character trait that is of the utmost of importance, but seems to have been forgotten in today's world.  I left the school feeling good about the education my daughter will be receiving.

From Wikipedia
Kindness is the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions (see ethics in religion).


  1. I have been lucky on this computer to have many people be KIND to me, whether by listening to me or conversing with me they have been positive, honest and very gentle, which go hand in hand with kindness. Many have posted thoughts and ideals and hopes. The kindergarten lesson is really a life lesson for all people of varying ages. Thank you for sharing this story so that we too can remember to be kind to others. I am greatful that many of you internalize the kindness message in your everyday activities and take time to be kind.

  2. Kindness is an act of love, loving one another unconditionally no matter the actions of the other.

  3. I'd run into a really negative person who'd say a swear word toward me, as officers are sworn at all the time...he'd also use racially motivated put downs and I'd have our host unfriend me and him on Facebook because my conduct wasn't any better than his...then he would search out my web site to put me down on my own site saying ,"you are really whacked" I'd stand up for myself when he'd first tell me to " get a life" and would be frightened and very angry as I'd block him. I can understand disagreeing on an issue but put downs to women because they are female and racism has no place in our society. I'm sending a general kindness picture to the department but I'd ask how officers train to keep their cool?