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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Officer Receives Minor Injuries in Crash

There were a fair amount of crashes this holiday weekend. One involved a Duluth Police Officer who was stopped at a stop sign and was rear-ended.  Fortunately he only had minor injuries and returned to work after being checked out at a hospital.  We have had many officers injured in crashes over the years by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Hopefully the officer is feeling good and the other driver has insurance so the City will not have to absorb the cost of the repairs....

ICR: 12-230234 Date: 24 NOV 12 Time: 1945

Location: Lake av. And 4th St.

Subject: Sqd involved 10-52

Narrative/Description: Officer XXXX was south bound on Lake Av. and stopped at the stop sign at 4th street when his SQD, car 38 was rear ended by a person who could not stop. It was snowing and very slippery out. Officer  XXXX went to St. Marys to get checked out. He returned to work with follow up instructions. Other driver XXXX XXXXX 0x-xx-91 was tagged for speed (conditions) and No proof. All proper reports completed. Damage to SQD

Disposition: RPTS



Prepared by Sgt LaFontaine

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  1. Always sorry to hear someone got hurt. You have a dangerous job and it's a wonder more officers aren't hurt on the job fighting with people to have them listen to them. It's a very physical job and requires mental stamina as well.