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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Facebook is an amazing tool for getting the word out.  The Duluth Police Facebook page surpassed 5,000 friends today.  Over the last five days we've had over 27,000 folks look at it.   While it is good on one hand, we have found that it spreads and perpetuates rumors like nothing else.  Much of the rumors of school violence in recent weeks has been tracked back to Facebook.

 Go to Facebook and search Duluth Police...

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  1. Chief not all who'd friend you on Facebook are good...some are criminals! I'd see that many would be looking to see friends the pd would list as wanted, and know some as former drug users when they'd be in high school. I think the blog is where you'd be more careful but any officer listing himself on Facebook as well runs a risk and that is people knowing his friends or family members. I've visited the Facebook page but feel much safer commenting here, to you, than to all in the department...