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Monday, December 3, 2012

What is a police officer?

Listen to this by Paul Harvey (thanks Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol for passing this along).


  1. Bravery and dedication come to mind when I think on this...many of the older officers I've known and respected have retired and I'd miss them, even just seeing their names to know they'd be working let me feel safe. As you, chief, and a younger team take over I'd like to thank those who've gone before for their years of service and look forward to this spry new team working for citizens first. First and foremost an officer is not a bully or a braggart but the best are earnest and really care about people. That care is evident with your team.

  2. I'd ask if older officers I'd know, ALL BRANCHES were retired...please let me know chief as I'd miss them. Your officers know who I'd ask about. A police officer being honest with citizens is the greatest holiday gift a ci