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Monday, January 13, 2014

Enter 2014

2013 ended on a busy note as we are finishing up year-end reporting and updating our policy manual.   I also was able to throw in a couple of night shift patrols and enjoy getting out on the street as much as I ever have.   It is always reassuring to me to watch how our officers handle themselves and the calls they respond to.  I went on many calls where I watched officers display incredible patience and compassion to individuals who had worn their welcome out with everyone else.  Officers managed to resolve tough, tense situations throughout the night by talking to those involved and resolving problems without using any force.  There was one incident in particular where a fight had taken place with many intoxicated people requiring one of them to be checked at the emergency room as he had been hit in the head with a blunt object.  The officer who drove him to the hospital had requested assistance as the man had become very agitated and was refusing to get out of the squad car at the hospital.  When I arrived there were already three officers there and they were using their verbal skills to deescalate the situation.   Once again, I was amazed at the patience and kindness displayed by the officers as they were being verbally threatened and called every name in the book.  

When we are in the final interview with police officer candidates, I always ask myself, “would I want this person to show up at a time of need for me, family member or friend?”  I can confidently say every officer I worked with recently fits that bill.

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  1. I too am very impressed with quite a few officers, most recently a female officer of the day, Robertson! who asked probing questions and was very kind. With her I felt cared for and served even though I had both cheers and jeers about other officers to tell her. There also is particular crime scene investigator that I know well as we are also friends and she served me in her position very professionally and efficiently, even though she was unable to return my (lost by the department) belongings to me. I especially am impressed with the latest officers within and responding to my apartment building, chief as they have been very cool human beings as well as gentlemen for the most part, only had one female officer condescendingly ask me what a worker of mine would think, "about me calling the police". I too have been made to feel very protected by my community officers, and those I confide in, very safe with them especially, personally sir. Felt very special to be able to come in your new department too and to be listened to. I have clarified that my repeated remarks have been because I am not too organized at times and while I have been said to contact you too often or not in a way desired by my local officer I feel safe at night in the arms of a fine team that listens to me and looks out for my neighborhood. I only wish to be valued and not seen as one of many, and believe that we all should strive to serve one another as your men and women do us, with a gentleness I would see of late, valuing human beings.