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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Citizen Police Academy 2014

I met with our Citizen Police Academy (CPA) Class last night and gave a short "chief's speech."  I was involved with the CPA since we initiated the first class in 1997.   I've coordinated or been involved one way or another in most of the classes and I've found it one of the most rewarding things I've been involved with.  There is not a better way to build relationships and reach out to those we work for. Thank you class of 2014 for your interest in DPD! 

Here is a link if you'd like more information on joining our next class.


  1. Thanks Michael for always caring about citizens! I know you from your old neighborhood beat so I know how awesome you are! I talk too much in print but I would never hurt anyone...the CPA class I was a part of was way fun and neat a thing! Thanks for the special ride along and I wish that young officer well!

  2. Also, G. It is hard to be all things to everybody as you try to do and maybe my lifting you up as a hero isn't fair of me either...hoping one day we can just meet as two human beings...had you said something about grief to me I would have listened but I am no chaplain and as a citizen I still respect all you do for people, just wish you would have taken time to be there when I hurt...but someone else will and can and whenever you train in officers tell them to never say to someone mentally Ill ,"I'll meet you at the hospital" unless you fear for the lives of and finest regards! L.