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Friday, June 27, 2014

Silly Outfit?

I worked Grandma's Marathon for a while Saturday on the police bike and was dressed accordingly. Before I left home that morning my seven year old daughter looked at me in the police bike uniform, shook her head back and forth, laughed and said, "Why are you wearing that silly outfit?"


  1. The form fitting bike shorts, black, that go with the blue outfit are really too tight, yours don't make you look so bad but I agree with your youngster, though made to be streamlined,the outfits make Nevanen and others look funny looking! HAAAAHA! Please change them!

  2. All this time, I thought you were in Duluth, GA--I never connected the dots even when we were in Duluth for the race. Thanks for all that you and your officers did to help the race go so smoothly. It was a perfect day for running!