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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vile of Life

Thanks Jery Lawson and Officer Russ Bradley for your work on this great project.

From the Duluth News-Tribune.

Vial of Life program aims to provide quick medical history

The Duluth police and fire departments introduced a program Monday that they say will save lives.

Speaking at the Duluth-St. Louis County Public Safety Building, officials announced the city’s adoption of the Vial of Life program, in which residents can affix a plastic baggie with pertinent medical history and personal details to their refrigerator and a corresponding sticker to their front doors.
“It allows us to give quick care to people in need who are living in their own homes,” said Russ Bradley, the police department’s east community officer. “It alerts first responders that there is medical information available.”

There are 2,500 kits available free at police and fire stations across the city. Bradley said he expected senior citizens, mostly, to use the program, but Vial of Life could benefit anyone.

“When we’re in an emergency situation, time is of the essence,” Duluth Fire Capt. Corey Swartout said. “This is a proven program.”

The local authorities thanked a citizen patroller, Jerry Lawson, for his effort in bringing the program to the Northland. Lawson, who is retired and spends winters in Florida, sought counsel with authorities there after observing the program firsthand.

“It’s going to save lives,” said Lawson, who learned of the program while attending a ride-along with sheriff’s deputies in Daytona Beach, Fla. “Not just older people, but everyone.”

Lawson gave the real-life example of a man who’d had a stroke and couldn’t answer any of the first responders’ questions because the afflicted man couldn’t speak.

In addition to pertinent health information, Vial of Life users can inform first responders of important contact information as well.

Bradley said police can spend exorbitant amounts of time trying to track down family and others.
“Sometimes they can be very difficult to find,” he said.

With quick access to vital health and contact information, first responders figure to be better equipped to help those they serve.

“I think there’s a need for this,” Bradley said.

Essentia Health purchased the stickers for the 2,500 kits and Super One provided the plastic baggies (which years ago replaced the program’s original vials for cost reasons).

What happens if the 2,500 kits get scooped up?

“We’ll make another 2,500,” Lawson said, “and give them out till everybody’s got them.”

Vial of Life kits
To get a free Vial of Life kit, visit:
  • Duluth Police Headquarters, 2030 N. Arlington Ave.
  • West Area Police Station, 5830 Grand Ave.
  • Lincoln Park substation, 2012 W. Superior St.
  • Duluth’s main fire hall, 602 W. Second St.
  • Fire Station 2, 2627 W. Superior St.
  • Fire Station 4, 425 W. College St.
  • Fire Station 6, 1031 N. 51st Ave. E.
  • Fire Station 11, 3501 Woodland Ave.

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  1. I posted a comment with thanks to Jerry and Russ but it went Jerry, good and very funny google account password keeps being changed, Gordon and my last comments were probably forwarded to Florida if I read my phone right... It seems that what I have to say to you is of interest to others... I only hope we can talk sometime again.L.