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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Policing Strategies Related to Witness Intimidation

Our staff is constantly striving to be the best we can be.  We have been part of a collaborative effort to improve our response to witness intimidation related to domestic violence.   Here is a link to an article on the effort

Duluth PD continues to be a leader in policing......


  1. I have one comment only; Duluth excels at helping victims here, mostly due to new techniques and policies developed by officers like JENKINS, part of the instrumental change to provide real help to victims; I once was a victim who never went to police and even lied in a session with my abuser's counselor at HDC Jim Gruba because I feared my abuser I said I'd hit him too- I wouldn't do so I'd just excuse his fear based mentally ill actions before medication and later my words would be used against me to falsify a claim of me being both physically and sexually abusive as falsely claimed by a crisis response team I'd once run to out of fear at being stomped upon! If I had instead chosen to go to Duluth PD for help I would have been cared for and protectively looked after by their team of good officers- ah choices of youth!

  2. Partnering with this old lady and forgiving me for my flaws is the most excellent professional thing your officers would do for me ! Thanks team- disobeying a bit as it needs saying! I hope I still retain my civil rights to communicate....