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Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year's Eve

I hopped in a squad car on New Year's Eve — as I have done for a number of years now — because I like to see what is going on in our city. I like watching our officers in action. That night I saw them consistently treating people with dignity, respect and compassion. They were helping victims, the vulnerable and those in need. They acted as guardians and protectors of our community and I am proud of their work.
The first few hours of the night were fairly typical for a night shift. A drunken driver drove off Central Entrance and into a wooded area before 9 p.m. A jealous ex-boyfriend called in a false report of the new boyfriend carrying a gun.
My last call of the night was a domestic fight call that began just before midnight. This deeply disturbing incident involved verbal, physical and likely sexual abuse of children. The evening had gone from a fairly fun time to that of the somber reality some kids in our community live with. This case was particularly bothersome because some adults were told of the potential abuse and chose to do nothing. The kids involved were sweet and innocent.
The next morning, I was still deeply bothered by the case. It was a reminder of the difficult situations our officers face on a daily basis. While I know social workers are now involved, I still wonder how the kids are doing and hope they are getting the help and resources they need to move on and be as healthy as they can be.

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  1. I'm so sorry brave sir and protective team of mine ( for the awful "shit" you all see on the job every day that is bad and disturbing too that you'd carry home with you in grief over incidents! My thoughts are with my brave and handsome k-9 officer who'd have to shoot a man dead to protect himself and the team ( rather than save the suicidal man's life as he turned homicidal toward the officer!) Good God what you and homicide and sex crimes and narcotics officers deal with- including really bad habitual offenders you can't help but you'd try to (sometimes just by buying drugs to get them off of the street as addicts you'd care for stay addicted too, sadly). Society and the worst of it is dealt with in my estimation by many officers who care ( and only a few who are power hungry jerks back to people)- they deal with difficult situations with humor and kindness and I was so glad to see my k-9 guy alive and well after the shooting but I'd know hurting someone to kill them would make him cry- as he'd gently and protectively be there for me afterwards I'd too much love him and love your team for taking the risks and seeing the really bad crap that would hurt you as human beings! I too hope the kids will be alright but my prayers are with you young Chief G and your brave and kind men and women facing horrors every workday! Love, Linda