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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Open Data

We are seeking to make information more accessible through an open data initiative. Our goal is to build community trust, increase transparency and continue innovation in policing.
When I speak to community groups, I talk a lot about stats other than crime, from miles we drive a year to the average number of complaints we receive or the number of times we used force. People are often very intrigued by the different numbers police departments generate.

We were one of the first agencies in the country to deploy crime mapping, display our crime statistics on the web and successfully use CommunityStat as a way to meet and show neighborhood crime statistics, patterns and efforts to deal with blight. However, the type of data I refer to today will include more up-to-date crime stats and data that is different. While we will also expand the amount of crime-related statistics provided in this initiative, we will display the number of complaints we have had, the number of times various force is used and other information that historically police have not shared.
As you can see, we will continue our efforts to be progressive leaders in policing by providing as much of our activity as publicly as possible.


  1. I'd be informed by an officer that a 2013 complaint is being addressed and I'll know about it in three weeks. I appreciate the transparency and the effort to do better. I do though, G., want to hear from you personally as chief being denied services for 2 years and I want you to know I was denied because of a mental illness only as I'd tell human rights.
    I'd also hope that you continue to guide release of local crime stats; the officer who'd be under complaint later helped my neighborhood with domestics too so not all is bad news. I do love my friends G.; and I'd plead with you to do the right thing for me; currently opening cases I tried to open before with a responsive officer now. I do believe in you sir; I just know I was mistreated badly and it shouldn't have happened!

  2. I was advised today that my original complaint ( just in 2013 filed and never investigated) was in 2010 and was " dismissed as unfounded" interestingly inaccurate chief! Never filed in 2010 at all and my complaint was a denial of services complaint under one of your superior officers who would too " deny me services ", but honestly I can oppose bikers and cops not doing their job and I'll never be pictured as the good guy; only as a criminal as some of your team think of me ,dear friend in the middle! Glad u wrote on here so I'd know you were ok; you could send me a message when I get worried about you and yours, saying you are fine; I'd be concerned for half a day... Just me I guess the after effects of loss... L

  3. Dear sir,
    Dismissing me and my complaint is not justice but is rather a travesty of justice! Linda ( I will be heard!)

  4. Don't listen when the cybercrime is so bad; three iPhones are signed in two iPads; Red Wing and Winnabago are the locations of devices changing the Google passwords G- I'd not investigate, Apple ID was changed twice when I didn't do it. For the safety of my neighborhood I am treated as a non don't have the guts to change that huh? I'd plead and if I won't be heard I will write. Is justice blind or deaf?

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