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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It Keeps Happening

A few of our staff here at DPD were early adopters and promoters of social media for our department.  Their forward thinking moved us ahead of the game and lead many other departments into the use of social media.  There were the usual internal skeptics of course; I heard the jokes and negative comments, but I think we've turned the tide.  In 2007 we never would have guessed the role social media would play in solving crime. 

It took a while to get the buy in, but now our officers and investigators are now routinely sending our public information officer photos of suspects to have them posted.  The results are amazing.  I just read about another success story this morning.

Social media has become not only a great tool for criminal investigations, but makes me wonder if it has become a crime prevention tool.  And isn't prevention of crime at the very foundation of what police are all about?




  1. G.; with the gang tagging locally emailing pictures of it in is helpful! Question sir, is gang tagging just about territory or what do they say by writing things on stuff in signs and colors? I'd be enjoying stir fried kale with Asian spices like gingered garlic and extra organic ginger added in olive oil; also drying herbs I home grew, for spaghetti and home cooking too! I'm bringing you a gift as my friend to help you and keep you safe... See you Thursday afternoon/ morning... This week. L.

  2. I'm late; look G. What's the big idea having a social media contact with citizens if you block them from you on it! Just saying as I've felt really put down and offended by being blocked on social media; the guy on June 10 th at 1:00 pm at Accend told me I could never see you in person( as he had a Lt Rish name tag on but didn't look like him - and proceeded to deny me services not only with you but with other officers acting under his orders I'm still complaining; in 2013 my complaint was only by case number under Lt. Roeser but as he too would recently deny me services I would again complain by case- this jerk is federal G or a drug guy and I guarantee he won't be able to do what he did to me to anyone even again as soon as I know who he really is, just saying; telling my team too!

  3. Good God what changes for Duluth! I've said it everywhere to mayor and all G! You are dearly loved and will be deeply missed by all but the bad guys:-)!

  4. On Dec 23 rd from Lake City on a browser my gmail account password was changed without me changing it: ic 3 working on- this account maybe accessed.

  5. 5 comments G., Verizon identified my SIM card was effected for the iPhone by virus; cybercrimes/ ic3 upcoming ok: will need help;8 th ic3- access through 2 companies too; not spoofing I'm told as my recent calls list and calling capabilities too are effected; reported first on wed , not believed by a DPD officer treating me rudely sir: respect your people just know it was about revenge for this officer...told I can't complain or be heard by training and development or you; g- mail was accessed first; then my Apple ID ; then the phone started making phone calls I didn't make! Help!!!!

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