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Monday, October 3, 2011


We are following an increase in burglaries in the the East End, Endion and Congdon neighborhoods. They are occurring during day light hours when the resident's are gone.  We have received good suspect information and have increased presence in those neighborhoods, but our best defense is you.  Report suspicious activity to 911.  We apprehended a few burglars last year who were hitting homes in the country and on the out-skirts of the City with an interesting scheme.  They would send a woman to the door while the men hid in the car.  If someone would answer the door she would ask if "Joe is home?" and would leave.  If no one would answer she would summon the other crooks out of the car and they would kick in a door and help themselves to what they wanted.  This is a fairly common trick, so if you have someone coming to your door asking a question that seems a bit odd we would always recommend a 911 call than not.  Also, be sure to get the license plate and good description of any vehicle they may drive (a photo is always great as well).

While burglaries are down from years past, we must continue to remain vigilant and push for stronger sentences for our chronic offenders.

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