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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Party Calls and Fires

Over the last four years police staff have made a concerted effort to reduce the number of disturbances associated with college parties in the eastern neighborhoods.  Through education, landlord notification, tough enforcement, increased penalties, new ordinances and collaborating with UMD we have seen a substantial drop in the number college parties.  911 calls and police records indicate we are receiving almost 50% less party calls than we were in 2007.   That is tremendous statistic to report.  Our officers have worked  diligently to make a difference and it shows. 

On another note, there were a couple of arson fires over the weekend.  Most notably the brand new playground at Lester Park Elementary was burned to the ground.  The neighborhood has been shaken by this senseless act-with a price tag of upwards of $50,000.  I am confident arson investigators will solve this crime in short order as they have some strong leads they are following up on. 

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