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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guns and Car Burglaries

We've talked about it a lot the last couple of years.  Car burglaries are on the rise.  We continue to see people leave valuables in their cars which are then targets for crooks.  Lately, we've seen a number of cases where people leave their hunting guns in the car and are later stolen.  The last thing we need is more guns in the hands of bad guys.  Please don't leave valuables in your car.....

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  1. As a community and City, we need to be greatly concerned of the use of synthetic marijuana. People are spending $16 a day to get high, when they have no job and are supporting children. This is backwards thinking! DRUGS ARE A SIN! What kind of example does this set for the future generations? This is going to have an adverse effect on the development of our community. I have respect for all of the members of the Duluth Police Department, in their fight against crime, and keeping our community safe along with protecting our future. Thank you Chief Ramsay and DPD and keep up the good work!