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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chief Mistake

I try to make a point everyday to read about what other chiefs are doing in their communities.  I have been following an incident in Berkley, CA where the police chief was addressing a neighborhood meeting regarding a murder that occurred which may have been the result of delayed police response.  After the meeting the chief was following the news coverage of the incident and had a concern with one that was posted on-line.  Berkley PD's public information officer then stopped by the house of the reporter - at 12:45 A.M. - to request a change to the story.

I can understand the frustration when reporters get a story wrong, especially a high profile homicide, but I couldn't imagine sending a police officer to the reporter's house to request a change to a story.  That said, being the chief is very demanding and there is very little room for errors, but errors happen.  I recently heard the chief of Omaha, NE compare it to playing basketball 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It can get tiring and mistakes happen.  I hope the Berkley chief has built up enough good will to make it through this.  It seems as though this the first controversy he's been involved in since taking over a few years ago.  My thoughts are with him tonight.

Here is a link to the story

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