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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow Tows

How things can change in a week.  Last Saturday my yard was still fairly free from snow.  Today we probably have over 20 inches on the ground.  Most of us love the snow but, along with that we have had to tow vehicles this week for not obeying the parking laws.  We are hearing many instances where plows (and some emergency vehicles) are not able to pass parked cars because of alternate side violations or cars parked too far into the street.   I've bumped into a few unhappy people who have had their cars towed.  While they were understandably frustrated, they understood the situation.  With another dumping of snow today streets are going to really narrow.  Please follow the parking laws so we can keep the streets passable for plows, emergency vehicles and commuter traffic.

The forecast is showing near 50 by Tuesday, so that should help our situation out as well. 

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