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Friday, March 23, 2012

Is this a great place or what?

I went to UMD this morning and sat on a thesis review panel to hear one of our officer's review their research and defend it.  It was fun to be back at UMD and experience the feel of the college atmosphere (and of course to here about the research and defense).  As I left UMD on this foggy day I followed a skinny red fox running alongside the road - past the library heading to St. Marie Street.  It was fun to follow it and watch it.  It seemed as oblivious to the foggy figures walking to and from class as the figures were to it.   Most of the students didn't even notice it running by and stopping on occasion to stick it's nose in the grass.  Pretty cool sight to see in the middle of a college campus with 16,000 people.

A short time later I was driving past Hartley Field when I saw a pine martin chase and catch a grey squirrel in a large maple tree.  The pine martin ran away with the squirrel in it's mouth quickly and it was gone before I realized what I had just witnessed.  A woman waiting at the bus stop across the street saw this sight as well and had a look on her face that was a mixture of confusion, excitement, and did I just see what I thought I saw?  I could not help but laugh hysterically at her expression.  I wanted to stop and talk to her about what a cool sight we had just seen. 

So what does this have to do with police and public safety issues?  Nothing.  It made me realize how much I like living here. 

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