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Monday, April 8, 2013

Power of Social Media

"41,664" is the number of people who read my April 3 Facebook page post.  I knew there were a lot of people who read it based on the number of comments and "likes," but I had no idea it would be that many. 
Considering there are only a couple hundred hits on this blog with each post, it appears Facebook might be a better way to engage.  It seemed many of the negative comments on the Facebook post were from folks who do not live here and have no idea on the impact synthetic drugs are having in our community.  I ended up spending a fair amount of time correcting inaccurate information that people had posted.  A few people still seem to believe that the synthetic drug case we've been working on begins and ends with DPD.  I corrected a woman who had made a post that was so far off the mark I could not leave it alone.  To my surprise she identified herself as a local grade school teacher that thought her comments could only be seen by her friends.  She was apologetic and said she was embarrassed. 
While I want to be accessible, the real problem is there simply is not enough time in the day to get it all done.

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  1. I just downloaded iwatch. Thanks for another tool.