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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seattle Interim Police Chief in the News

The interim Seattle Police Chief is in the news and it appears another controversy maybe brewing. I read in the following:

"The Seattle Police Department will hold a media briefing Thursday evening to comment on a video that shows newly-named Interim Chief Jim Pugel "poking fun at the homeless," according to a spokesperson.

The video was produced in 1986 and is set to a tune called "Under the Viaduct," a parody of the song "Under the Boardwalk."

Detective Renee Witt said the department released the video in the interest of "full transparency."
Lyrics in the video include, "Under the viaduct, we'll be drinking our booze. Under the viaduct, our sores continue to ooze."  A disclaimer added to the video released Thursday says:  The following video was produced in 1986. The skit was created in a misguided attempt at humor and added to the end of a training video. Upon viewing it, commanders judged the content to be inappropriate. Copies were ordered destroyed. Pugel was named interim chief after Chief John Diaz announced his retirement earlier this month.  Views, opinions and the understanding of key causes of homelessness have changed dramatically since the 1980's.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I hope folks keep in mind this was a long time ago and the interim chief has obviously dedicated his life to the City of Seattle.
Here's the link to the article and Youtube video.

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