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Monday, April 8, 2013

Seattle Police Chief Retires

Seattle PD has been in the spotlight for the last few years for a series of negative incidents.   The latest Chief, John Diaz was appointed in 2010.  He has been with the department about 30 years.  Shortly after he was promoted to chief, the department was rocked with a several high profile use of force complaints.  The U.S. Department of Justice investigated and found a pattern and practice of excessive force within the department and appointed a federal monitor. 
Seattle Police Chief John Diaz speaks to the media at a news conference Monday morning to announce he is stepping down from the top job in the department. (Photo by Mark Harrison / The Seattle Times)

Chief Diaz seemed like a genuine man who was trying to improve matters, but despite his efforts it seems too many things went wrong.   How much control he had over those incidents would be interesting to know. 

Here is the article from the Seattle Times

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  1. I believe that you or any chief of police would not condone bad use of force by your police department officers, or they would be improperly doing the job! I know you don't have enough time to do everything the job demands and I hope you get some personal time with your family and vacation time too in your busy schedule. I just know when I had a friend with a problem you would drop everything else to investigate the matter yourself and you were very good. It is sad to hear about that department's problems as my third cousin Alex currently lives out in Seattle it is also worrysome personally