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Monday, November 24, 2014

Good things going on

There is too much focus on things going wrong in our world.  At a local level, we live in a great City where good far out weighs bad...Here are a couple of video links that are a good reminder.


Meet on the Street - Lincoln Park


  1. U are part of the good in my world chief, you and your very large team! I just didn't include you in a recent email... I lost 4 officers sir... Every day the country loses a few more! Always for this and for the difficult issues we face that you tackle head on every day and the thousands of people responding as my friend did to me today," I'll only talk to the chief" ie you, busy man...I thank you for taking time for so many! Hope u got to watch UMD football ( a valiant try)...and I've asked the mayor to respond with a task force with people of color to address Ferguson type issues regarding racist treatment! You are not a racist nor are any of my directly supporting officers to my knowledge, yet we must partner together and I'm not sure Henry Bank's idea to police the police always pans out as overt racist conduct by officers ( though I know that exists- deligate and have an officer give me feedback on this issue, no rush as I await the mayor's reply and he is returning from the football game tonight!
    Simply sir I said you were not there; are losses are shared and to fix racism we must own the distrust and bad conduct on both sides! Don't ever not partner with me! Be there. That is what a drug officer said to me. I talk a lot and bore some officers, annoy others...simply listen for my idea holds sound concepts! Thanks!

  2. And sir, LOVE ALWAYS! Linda

  3. Sir, I'd miscounted! I'd lose six and some would remain in my heart and mind longer than others, Riley, Woods, Anderson, Bauers, Rick, and seven Howes too, and one more! Good names are way hard and I use first names with the team, OUR TEAM AND MY TEAM who my mother taught to swim, who looked at me flirtatiously, who'd put tight irons on me and I'd ask if there wasn't a better size , who I'd love and trust my life with hourly and who'd be kind and way good, I don't always remember them but at the holidays I think of the sacrifices of their families and them, to like Christ give their lives for us! An every minute, every year lesson, to give all for who you'd serve and care for; for what you do every day is care for others! Thanks so much team! Love Linda Merry Christmas!