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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Strategic Planning at the PD

In 2007 we conducted an internal analysis of the police department and went through the strategic planning process. We found that the department needed to do better.
Chronic staffing shortages had negatively impacted our community policing efforts. We had severely fallen behind in technological advancements. Our police facilities were literally crumbling and having a serious impact on operations.

Department members put together a comprehensive five-year strategic plan that served as our road map. The plan was updated yearly and took into account changing internal and external factors.

Our staff did such a great job with our strategic plan that it was highlighted in a national publication. We received many calls from other police agencies asking for advice.

By creating a solid strategic plan, department members, other city departments, elected officials and residents knew what our priorities and needs were. As I review our initial needs analysis and strategic plan from 2008, I am proud to say we have had significant success in reaching our goals and addressing operational deficiencies.

By communicating our goals and objectives, we were able to gain support and successfully achieve them in a fairly quick time period. Much of our success has occurred because of strong support from Mayor Don Ness, city councilors and community members. We have accomplished most of our primary goals and objectives that had been in our initial strategic plans.

We are proud of the 93 percent rating of fair, good or excellent performance we received in the 2014 Mayor's Citizen Survey. Still, we know there is still a lot of room for improvement.

It is time again to update and renew our department's strategic plan. There are a few given goals that we are working on, such as the need for a more efficient records management system and the need to stay technologically advanced. In coming months department members and I will seek input from residents, elected officials, community groups and the business community on how to improve the police department as we update our strategic plan.  Our goal is continuous improvement! 

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