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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Policing in today's world

I was reading through the major calls for service from last night and my mind began to drift off on how difficult an officer's job is.  I recall many, many late night drunken brawls that got out of hand and were very difficult to investigate and resolve.  There was a major family/friend feud last night that traversed the City involving a lot of people, many fights and a fair amount of property damage.  It was reported to me that most people were under the influence and that complicated matters (I surmise alcohol/drugs started the trouble in the first place).   Then my mind wandered to what I will potentially hear Monday as police chief from some of those involved based on past experience... Complaints like "if the police would have just done this" or "my _____ (fill in the blank with sister, son, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) was arrested and shouldn't have been."

In many cases it boils down to personal responsibility and the fact that almost all police calls after 10 P.M. involve those under the influence or those who are victims of those who are under the influence.  Alcohol and drugs drive our crime rate and impact our quality of life. 

It makes me really appreciate our men and women in blue who are out protecting our family, friends and doing their best to keep peace at all hours of the day despite challenges you can't imagine unless you've been there.

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