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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Squad Cars

You will be seeing less and less of the Ford Crown Victoria as police cars.  Ford recently stopped making the Crown Vic and has moved their police pursuit rated versions to the Taurus and Explorer models.  Dodge stepped it up this year and redesigned their Charger improving visibility and redesigning the rear end to look more the early 1970’s Charger.  We have new Dodges ready to replace some old Crown Vic’s that are tired and running well over 100,000 miles.  We are running a bit behind on our fleet replacement plan.  Not only do we have many of our primary cars with over a 100,000 miles, they are showing their wear and tear.  Two weeks ago in a four day period we had three squads hit by bad winter drivers.   Two of these cars are still being used as their replacements are not yet ready.  They look like they were used in a crash up derby.

Chevy has brought back the Caprice for police use only this year.  It looks like the Impala but is a fair amount larger, faster and unfortunately more expensive.  The Caprice is made in
Australia and shipped all this way, making it the most expensive of the police models.  It is coming in about five thousand dollars more than the Ford and Dodge police models.

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