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Monday, February 27, 2012

Storm Prep

It is beginning to sound like we may finally get a real snow storm.  When we receive word that a major storm is coming our way we begin collecting our four wheel drive vehicles and getting them ready for our patrol staff.  We have about a dozen or so police suv's and trucks.  If we are running real short we
borrow trucks from street maintenance.   We put two officers in a vehicle as there is not enough four wheel drives to go around for everyone working. 

It used to be when we were hit with storms officers would hunker down at a fire hall.  Now, our calls for service keep our officers out and about.  If streets get impassable we work with street maintenance and they plow ahead of the squad to ensure we get there.  They will also do this for ambulance and fire.

The officers like having their usual cars and sometimes are reluctant to take a vehicle without a computer, lights, etc, but we've learned we burn out too many transmissions and do other damage to a regular squad if we don't mandate they drive a four wheel drive.

Stock up and plan on staying home Wednesday!

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