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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good People

102 East First Street is currently the home of the Skinner apartments and owned by Center City Housing of Duluth.  It is also the location of Friday's homicide. This building has been many things over the years including a bar.  From the mid-1990's until the mid 2000's this location was a hot bed of criminal activity. I spent many hours there on police calls. 

Around 2005 a new manager of City Center Housing took over and has done phenomenal work with the property.  Police calls went from hundreds a year down to a handful.  The reduction in crime and police calls associated with this building highlight the value and importance of good property managers.  Since this was our first homicide since 2010, I imagine there will be a fair amount of media attention on this case and this building.  Good people live there and I hope this tragedy will not reflect negatively on them. 


  1. Thank you Chief Ramsey. Many people, myslef included, have worked hard the past several years to create clean, safe and comfortable living to all tenants.
    I share your hope that this unfortunate tragedy will not reflect negatively on us.
    Clifton Johnson, Manager
    Bowman Properties-Agents for the Owners