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Friday, April 20, 2012

Recognition for a job well done

Unfortunately, the wonderful work our officers do on a daily basis seldom gets recognized.  Fortunately for me, I get to see their good work first hand.  We have an incredible group of 185 hard working and compassionate people that serve this City as members of this department. Here is an email from a citizen that is highly complimentary of one of our officers.  Fortunately, I receive correspondence like this on a regular basis.  It means a lot to those mentioned and me, as the chief.

04/19/2012 9:28:58 PM

Dear Chief Ramsay,
I am writing to comment on an encounter I had tonight with Officer Nevanen. You should be incredibly proud of this officer's professionalism, compassion, and decorum. He was dealing with a native american woman that I've mentored since she was in my sixth grade class. This young woman was intoxicated and completely distraught that the father of her children had taken them without her permission to another place for the night. He obviously had the right to do so as he is their father. The young woman wanted her children back and Officer Nevanen was willing to bring her to my house to find a suitable place for her to stay as she is homeless and the chum shelter would not take her in because of her intoxication. Officer Nevanen was incredibly patient and tollerant as the young woman carried on about the police and the father of her children. Officer Nevanen was willing to take her to her grandmother's house and willing to talk to the grandmother on the phone. He was determined that in her vulnerable state she would not spend the night on the streets. He treated her with dignity and the utmost respect. I am sure this kind of drama and unfortunate circumstance is very wearing on an officer in their day to day work. People make poor choices for many reasons but are less than willing or able to assume the responsiblity for their actions. I was very grateful to Officer Nevanen for his kind treatment of this woman. He is an excellent example of the compassion and fair treatment that people of color sometimes don't encounter. He is in my estimation, the prime example of what a police officer should be.

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