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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on Stats

At today's compstat meeting we reviewed the usual topics.  I wanted to share a couple of current items.  Good news first, robberies are down a fair amount.  Auto burglaries down slightly, but an uptick this week (this is a crime we can prevent by removing valuables) throughout the City.  Auto theft is down slightly.  Bad news, residential burglaries are still up substantially.  The East Hillside is still getting hard hit.  If we can keep our habitual offenders locked up or GPS monitored we feel we could turn these numbers around.  More arrests of habituals will be happening very soon.  We've had a rash of stabbings in the last couple of weeks.  All players know each other and we've made arrests in all cases. These are not cases of strangers being assaulted and cut.  Most involve friends, lovers, or acquaintances and are fueled by drugs and alcohol. 

Advice for neighbors based on this?  I would say keep in mind the upward burglary trend, particularly from Sixth Avenue East to Congdon.  Keep an eye out for suspicious activity and do not hesitate to call 911.  Talk with your neighbors about this and look out for each other's property. Most of the burglaries are happening during the day, but we are seeing a few at night.
Auto burglary-simple, don't keep valuables in your car.  Watch out for folks looking into cars and call 911 if you see that activity.

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