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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Can't Make This Up!

After arresting a couple of serial burglars in the last few weeks we thought we would see a noticeable decrease in burglaries.   Well, we didn't, however through good police work there was a common thread in some of the most recent burglaries-they were driven to the airport by a taxi and they probably told the driver more than they should have.  When property crime investigators looked into the taxi driver, they found a very, very familiar name - Michael Peters.

If Peters sounds and looks familiar, he should be.  He was the News-Tribune delivery man who was burglarizing homes of subscribers who were stopped their delivery when they were out of town.  Here is a story from May 3, 2011

He was arrested for those burglaries and while he was out on bail for that he committed more burglaries.   So, he was suppose to be sentenced for those crimes and he is out committing even more.

This is yet another example of where a simple GPS ankle bracelet would have made the difference.  Here is today's press release.

Here was a great story on how GPS monitoring could help (I mentioned this before but, the need seems to be greater than ever).

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